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The mtribes digest: OTT personalization

mtribes enables any operator running a multi-platform digital or OTT service to quickly identify user groups and their behaviors, create highly personalized user experiences (UX), and measure the effectiveness through real-time insights.

The topic of user personalization has become an increasingly important issue over recent years. As discussed in our recent white paper:

“The competition for OTT eyeballs and subscriber dollars, euros, and pounds has never been fiercer. High profile direct-to-consumer launches from many of the world’s biggest broadcasters, studios and sporting governing bodies have made an already competitive field even more crowded, and as infrastructure and technology costs reduce even further, there will be even fewer barriers to entry for the long tail of content owners to launch their own streaming services.”

The same is undoubtedly true for other digitally-focused organizations.

We’ve started collating some of the most interesting and useful articles, videos, academic studies and surveys on the topic to provide a resource for organizations that are looking at how best to engage their users. If you see something that you think we should feature, or for more information on the power of mtribes, please contact

1. Customization vs. personalization in the user experience

Key takeaway:

“Personalization and customization should enhance an already good experience, rather than try to fix a poor one. They should be used thoughtfully, with a clear purpose…Personalization requires regular reviews to make sure the right content is going to the right profiles.”

The Neilsen Norman Group are one of the leading global voices in UX design and consultation. This 2016 blog provides an excellent starting point in defining the differences between personalization and customization, and the importance of having a strategic approach to both.

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2. Forbes – 50 stats showing the power of personalization

Key takeaway:

“67% of consumers say it’s important for brands to automatically adjust their content based on their current context for a real-time personalized experience.”

– CMO by Adobe

Forbes has published a useful collection of interesting statistics related to the importance of personalization in many industries, but with a specific focus on both the commercial impact of personalizing user experiences, as well as consumer reaction and opinion.

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3. Adobe – 20 can’t miss mobile personalization trends

Key recommendation:

“Make it easier for people to use your app by automatically prioritizing navigation icons for functions they regularly use. For example, a drugstore might display icons for getting coupons, filling a prescription, or even printing photos depending on what the visitor does most while using the app.”

Adobe, especially via its influential CMO content hub, has published many articles outlining the benefits of personalization specifically for marketers. This article focuses on 2020 trends in mobile personalization and explores how recent technologies such as 5G may increase users’ expectations around personalization.

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4. Digital execs prioritize personalization, continued growth in the OTT space

Key strategic approach:

“We put G League games on Twitch. Between chat and all of the interactivity around it, we saw an 8X lift in time spent. A lot of those features are communal in nature. The balance is personalization and how you watch that with your respective network of friends.”

– Michael Allen, Digital Product Manager, NBA

From a sports-specific OTT perspective, this overview of an SVG 2018 NAB NY panel gives an effective precis of senior sports broadcast execs’ views on the opportunities afforded by personalization, and how they are approaching it strategically.

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5. In OTT video, features are as important as content

Key takeaway:

“In today’s age of cord cutting, cord shaving, unbundling and standalone OTT subscriptions, dedicating all of that ad budget solely to content promotion is a missed opportunity. The direct-to-consumer nature of OTT video means that marketing departments at these services should be thinking beyond content. Especially given the rise in mobile viewership, they should consider how to differentiate their product through mobile app features and functionality that can help them stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.”

From a broader OTT perspective, Marketing Land looked at how OTT providers should be considering the commercial opportunities afforded by personalization and advertising. It also highlights the issues that many organizations face in achieving this goal, given the lack of collaboration between many marketing and product functions.

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mtribes has been built specifically for digital businesses that are looking for a way to more effectively personalize their users’ experiences, and is the first software platform that brings UX control, user targeting and audience insights under one centralized console.

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