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The mtribes digest: Getting started with personalization

mtribes enables any operator running a multi-platform digital or OTT service to quickly identify user groups and their behaviors, create highly personalized user experiences (UX), and measure the effectiveness through real-time insights.

In the second edition of the mtribes Digest, we have collated a number of articles from organizations including McKinsey & Company and Forbes that outline the inherent benefits of embracing personalization.

As we established in the last edition, we have started collating some of the most interesting and useful articles, videos, academic studies and surveys on the topic to provide a resource for organizations that are looking at how best to engage their users. If you see something that you think we should feature, or for more information on the power of mtribes, please contact

As the below articles discuss, adapting your new or existing streaming service, website, app or advertising to suit the audience is vital for engaging and retaining users. By using mtribes, organizations can give that control to the teams that really need it, such as editorial teams, marketers and product managers.

1. McKinsey & Company – No customer left behind: How to drive growth by putting personalization at the center of your marketing

Key takeaway:

An operating model driven by personalization requires four elements to work together effectively:

Data foundation: Building a rich, 360-degree view of customers in real time

Decisioning: Mining data to identify and act on signals along the consumer journey

Design: Crafting the right offers, messages, and experiences at speed

Distribution: Delivering and measuring these experiences across platforms and feeding new insights into the data foundation

McKinsey & Company evaluates the power of personalization across many different sectors, and outline ways in which organizations should be building personalization capabilities. Of the four key pillars outlined above, mtribes provides easy to use functionality to address each of them.

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2. Digital Marketing Magazine – Personalization: Delivering a connected customer experience

Key takeaway:

By making use of the available customer data via personalization tools, brands can create a ‘made to measure’ campaign, sending the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Digital Marketing Magazine provides a top-level overview of the inherent advantages of digital personalization across different sectors, and the value of establishing a one-on-one relationship with a subscriber and/or user.

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3. Forbes – The path to personalization

Key takeaway:

In today’s hyper-competitive economy, market share goes to those who develop and maintain warm, intelligent relationships with their customers. Marketing leaders need to ensure their organizations use data assets to their fullest to make this happen.

The Forbes Insights team offer a deep dive into the power of personalization, and outline strategies to achieve effective outcomes.

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4. Martech Series – Laying the Foundations for Successful Online Personalization

While effective personalization can help brands make incremental gains towards better user engagement in every single site visit, it can also have a huge hand in forging long term customer relationships. With a deeper understanding of the messages which encourage a particular action from consumers over time, marketers can use these insights to reengineer their strategy for different purposes, optimizing interactions to keep customers engaged and informed with the right information.

Martech Series provides an overview of personalization strategies for organizations that haven’t yet embraced the concept, and outlines the key considerations.

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5. Medium – The psychology of a personalized customer experience

Key takeaway:

It’s clear there’s evidence supporting personalization. It compels customers to act, and they’re actively asking for more. In a recent study, Infosys found that 31% of customers wish their experiences were “far more” personalized.

Author Jennifer Clinehens, writing for Medium, explores the importance of personalization from the perspective of the customer and cognitive science. In the article, the writer looks at the concept of digital personalization through the lens of ‘the Cocktail Party Concept’, an experiment from the 1950s that looks at what the human brain chooses to engage with, and why.

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mtribes has been built specifically for digital businesses that are looking for a way to more effectively personalize their users’ experiences, and is the first software platform that brings UX control, user targeting and audience insights under one centralized console.

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