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How to: Segment users into Tribes

Today’s digital viewers and fans expect personalized experiences, but how do you go about finding out more about their behaviour and preferences? Users with common characteristics often have similar interests and needs, so segmenting them into audience Tribes is a great place to start.

Once mtribes is integrated with your app, site or platform, you’ll be able to track and measure the activity and performance of these Tribes. This will help you identify and target priority groups with personalized content and campaigns, and surface untapped opportunities or segments at risk of churn.

Configure segmentation rules for tracking

With mtribes, you can configure and apply tracking rules for each Tribe individually. You can choose from a broad range of parameters to filter on, and set conditions to refine your segmentation. These include:

Attributes – important moments like when your users were first seen, or what device they’re using, their location and even labels (tags) ingested from your database.

Behavior – metrics like the number of active sessions or the length of their session time, typically over the last 30 days.

Contextual properties – these are unique user traits organically identified during the runtime of your app, like subscriptions or special promotions.

Customize Tribe cards to reflect their personality

Each Tribe is visually represented by a Tribe card, which shows a summary of the size, activity and the segmentation rules you’ve applied. These Tribe cards can be themed to represent the personality of the Tribe.

Customize the background color, add a bespoke wallpaper, change the layout or upload a logo to represent your Tribe – the choice is yours.

Learn more about configuring Tribes, or contact us if you’d like a demo.

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