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How to: Target specific audiences

Targeting the right people – with the right content – at the right time is essential for dynamic personalization. mtribes makes it possible to do all of these in one place.

You can define who the right people are by segmenting your users into Tribes, create the right content by configuring personalized digital Experiences, and customize your targeting to deliver these Experiences at the right time.

Targeting is done by scheduling Scenarios. You can target specific Tribes, set a date and/or time period and even manage traffic allocation. For example, you could serve Scenarios with tailored messaging to different users during the same match, adapting the call-to-action depending on their subscription tier. Or you could schedule variants of a Scenario that turn specific components on or off during A/B testing.

All Scenario activity including custom events can be tracked, so you can learn from performance and adjust your targeting activities accordingly. This data is displayed across a single dashboard, allowing you to check performance at a glance, without wasting time digging through multiple reports.

Configure and schedule Scenarios

The Scenario feature can be accessed from the Collection and Experience templates page. Simply select the Experience you’d like to schedule and click to open it. You’ll find a default Scenario already set up. This is the default state of the Experience that will be served to your entire audience unless you add another Scenario variant.

After adding a new Scenario, you can configure and schedule it by using the below tabs:

Targeting – select specific Tribes to target, allocate traffic and schedule a date and time for your activity.

Properties – view and customize the properties of your Experience to personalize each Scenario further.

Scenarios can also be turned on or off. It’s important to note that Scenarios are always served in a top to bottom sequence – with the default being served last.

Learn from data and optimize targeting

Scenario insights can be found under the Activity tab on the same page. Data is displayed across a visual dashboard allowing you to view performance easily.

Metrics include:

Served success rate – the number of times this Scenario was served to or clicked on by your users in the last 30 days.

Weekly activity – the number of times this Scenario was served in the last 7 days, with the busiest days and hours highlighted.

Tribe of the week – displays activity of a specific Scenario against all Tribes containing the same users as in your targeted Tribes.

This data will help you analyze user behavior so you can continuously improve your targeting and determine where best to spend budget.

Learn more about targeting Tribes or metrics and insights, and please contact us if you’d like a demo.

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