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How to: Personalize customer experiences

Creating and delivering incredibly personalized customer experiences becomes effortless with the Experience and Collection template feature on mtribes.

With our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly and easily build these templates to mirror your platform hierarchy, creating a wonderfully visual representation of your product. There are two types of template for this purpose – Experience and Collection.

The Experience template (Experience) represents a component in your application like a hero banner, a call-to-action button, an advertisement, or a carousel of images. Every Experience can be personalized with a range of configurable properties.

The Collection template (Collection) represents a group of components in your application like a screen, page, or feature. After customizing your Experiences, you can add them to multiple Collections for later use.

Once mtribes is integrated with your application, you’ll be able to take control of these components and use them to schedule targeted campaign Scenarios for specific Tribes or experiment with content and more.

Configure Experience templates

There are a range of properties to choose from including a color picker, calendar, a number field, and an on/off switch. You can drag and drop these properties from the menu into your Experience template, and individualize them by specifying their details, rules and appearance.

Details – the name of your property that generates a unique property key.

Rules – the settings of your property, like whether it’s a required field, or has a character limit.

Appearance – your specific copy or message, like prompt or help text.

Create Collection templates

When you’re done personalizing your Experiences, you can organize them into Collections. For example, you could create a Homepage Collection with all the relevant components in it. Or you could set up a Promo Collection containing all your banners for a specific sporting or entertainment campaign.

Collection templates are very easy to create – just drag and drop your Experiences from the side menu into your Collection. You can even add in a flexible section containing up to 20 Experiences that your editors can choose from during the targeting phase without recreating the template.

Learn more about Experience and Collection templates, or contact us if you’d like a demo.

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