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How mtribes can help encourage fan loyalty

In this use case, we explore the situation of a medium-sized sport streaming platform looking to increase fan engagement, and expand their following to maximise average revenue per user (APRU). To stand out from the crowd, they’ve decided to focus on personalization by delivering premium content that delightfully reflects the preferences of each user. To execute this strategy, they turn to mtribes.

Get to know your fans | Tribe segmentation

As a popular sporting season comes to an end, the sport streaming platform wants to encourage loyalty of their existing fan base and maintain off-season appetite. They choose to target previously active fans who haven’t revisited their platform in the last 30 days, and prompt re-engagement.

To do this, they use the Tribe feature, which allows the operator to group their audience based on attributes, behavior and/or traits. They create a Tribe of these audience members, calling them ‘Out-fielders’. They serve the Out-fielder Tribe an on-screen carousel featuring best moments of the season just passed, and all behind-the-scenes footage that wasn’t broadcasted. For all those die-hard fans missing their favourite sport, this revisit could encourage re-engagement.

With the Tribe feature, understanding and visualising your audience becomes simpler and more effective.

Delight your viewers | Scenario scheduling

Wanting to offer a more personal viewing experience to their fans, the sport streaming platform uses mtribes to schedule Scenarios for specific viewer prime times. To execute this, they add a location filter to existing Tribe segmentation; now having Tribes ‘Out-fielders Australia, ‘Out-fielders Canada’, ‘Out-fielders UK’ and more.

They schedule an on-screen carousel that showcases their extra content from the season just passed. This includes a segment called ‘Interviewing the coaches’, at 5pm local time for each Tribe. With this level of personalization, engagement could be ramped up for key audiences.

With the Scenario scheduling feature, viewers can catch the winning goal and still catch up on their ZZZZs.

Find your winning strategy faster | Intuitive metrics

Wanting to quickly understand what is working for their audience and what isn’t, the sport streaming platform looks to the data available on their Space dashboard. By checking their Key user insights, they can conveniently track the effects of targeting activities.

They notice that the At risk group is shrinking, while the Active category is growing – these numbers could indicate positive re-engagement. They also compare Scenario performance, using Served (30 days) as their primary success metric. The higher metrics indicate that these fan Tribes could well be responding positively to the content served at their local time.

With hourly insights, it becomes much easier to learn from activity, and act on the data instantly.

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