Boost audience engagement across film and TV platforms

Today’s viewers demand the best. mtribes can help you understand their behavior and optimize their viewing experience.


of consumers want brands to get to know them and understand when to approach them and when not to.

Accenture Strategy


  • Segment into Tribes

    Segment users into Tribes and target based on behavior, demographic, activities, interests or any other segment imaginable.

  • Focus on the user

    Spend time on customers, not on technical complexity. Control UX and configure features without touching code.

  • Manage one platform

    Target audiences, personalize UX, schedule content and measure results, all on one platform. Save time and money.


Deliver omni-channel campaigns to users at all stages of the customer lifecycle - from subscriber to churner.


Put the right feature or piece of content in front of the right user at the right time.


User activity starting to drop? Instantly identify users likely to churn and focus on re-engagement.


Increase advertising and sponsored content revenue with targeted campaigns to targeted user Tribes.


Test, test, test - and get instant results


Safely test and validate an idea to a particular Tribe or subset of your customers before rolling out to the entire user base.

Speak your users' language


Identify the content and features that resonate with individual Tribes and create highly personalized user journeys to maximize engagement.

Integrate with existing systems


Easily import and synchronize existing users via the Management API and push events out to external business intelligence platforms.